Grassington is fast becoming a destination village due to its attractive location on the river Wharfe at the foothills of open countryside. According to some of its residents it is twinned with Paradise (from the Persian for pleasure ground).

Centred around its bustling cobbled square is a selection of family owned shops offering quality foods, clothing, gifts, arts and crafts alongside cosy cafes, restaurants.

Grassington, as it appears to us today, is comparatively new given the fact that in much earlier times most people lived less than half a mile away to the north at Lea Green above Grass and Bastow Woods.

This is one of the richest archaeological sites in the north of England, thanks to the gradual migration of the settlement towards its present location, leaving the older sites still exposed.

Here you can see Bronze Age burial mounds, Celtic villages and fields, Romano-British settlements, and medieval farmsteads in close proximity.  Research has suggested that these settlements date back to around 2000BC.

There is also evidence of two Celtic villages located between Grassington and Bastow Wood.


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